RUNDA DIGITAL DAY # 3 / 09.12.2021. / ZAGREB / Announcement of the program and call for applications

06. 12. 2021.


RUNDA DIGITAL DAY # 3 / 09.12.2021. / ZAGREB / Announcement of the program and call for applications

Runda Digital Day premieres TIDAL in the region, reveals all about the big debate on streaming services in the presentation of Chris Cooke from CMU, introduces us to the A1 Xplore Music x Deezer platform and presents another discographic legend - Kees Van Weijen who will talk about his career from ABBA to IMPALA!

After the first day of this year's RUNDA DIGITAL DAY was successfully held in Skopje, in cooperation with PIN MUSIC CONFERENCE & SHOWCASE, preparations for the second day are coming to an end. Day 2 of RDD #3 will take place on Thursday, December 9, 2021. in Zagreb, starting at 10 am, in HUB385, Petračićeva 6, Zagreb.

An extremely rich program has also been prepared for the Zagreb event, which brings a series of panels where representatives of IMPALA, IFPI, RUNDA, HDU, the Slovenian Institute IPF will debate the recently adopted law on copyright and neighboring rights and the state of implementation of the DSM directive in other EU territories. Various record labels from the region will give us their opinion on the impact on the regional music industry more than a year after the arrival of digital services to the region. An overview of the situation in the music industry of the region will bring together music professionals from Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

The greatest interest will certainly be caused by several workshops and presentations, which are also part of the program of this year's Runda Digital Day. Thus, exclusively, Runda will present one of the leading global streaming services - TIDAL, which has recently become available in the region and attracts more and more users. Chris Cooke, from the British company CMU specializing in consulting in the music industry, will also be with us in Zagreb. His presentation at RDD # 3 in Skopje 'stole the show', and we believe that with a topic called 'Digital Pie Debate' that is focused on the most current debates about the reform of the streaming system and various models of approach to this problem, his appearance will again be one of the highlights of the conference. At RDD # 3 we will have the opportunity to get to know the A1 Xtreme Music x Deezer platform better, through a presentation and workshop for labels and performers, and also to catch up with latest calls for music in Creative Europe programme, that will be presented by Creative Europe Desk Croatia team, that works under Croatian Ministry of Culture in Media. Colleagues from HDU / ZAPRAF will hold another short course for record labels on the new copyright and neighboring rights act, and members of the Impala sustainability group will explain what music has to do with ecology and green politics.

Runda Digital Day is also sponsored this year by MERLIN, which will present its overview of last year in the digital world of music at this year's edition of the conference.

Finally, Kees Van Weijen, the legendary Dutch publisher and manager, with almost five decades of career behind him, will be with us in another edition of the 'Legends' interview, following Martin Mills, founder and owner of Beggars Banquet from last year. During his career Kees Van Weijin collaborated with artists such as Queen, Elton John and Abba, and later launched his own label, founded the Dutch association of independent labels STOMP and was at the helm of IMPALA for several years.

Given the current epidemiological situation in Croatia and the rest of the region and Europe, and in order to organize the highest quality program, RDD # 3 in Zagreb will be held in a combined version live and online and with several previously recorded presentations and content that will be available after live online through our social networks and YouTube channel Runda.

Due to the current epidemiological measures, the number of participants in the HUB385 area will be limited to follow the live conference, we hereby invite you to contact us by Tuesday, December 7, 2021, if you want to come to the conference. Applications will be accepted according to the principle of priority according to the moment of sending the confirmation of arrival to the conference. Therefore, if you plan to come, confirm your arrival by replying to this e-mail, or to our address After the application deadline, you will receive a confirmation of attendance at the conference in accordance with the above rules.

It is important to know that the conference can only be entered upon presentation of a COVID-19 certificate and identity card (or other valid identification document) and the obligatory wearing of masks.

The entire conference, including the part that will take place live, will be available online via streams on the social networks Runda, Music Business Balkan, HDU, and the YouTube channel Runda.